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Give Blood
Am I eligible to donate blood?
What should I expect at a blood drive?
Where can I donate?
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What are Double Red donations?
What is Apheresis?
How often can I donate?
What is the best donation procedure for me?

Am I Eligible to Donate Blood?

Basic Eligibility Requirements

Most healthy adults can give blood. You meet the basic eligibility requirements if you:

More Detailed Eligibility Information

Certain medications, health problems or conditions may disqualify you from donating blood. For example, if you are pregnant, or have a fever when you come in to donate, or have angina, you cannot donate blood.

Prior to donating, qualified staff will ask you to answer a series of questions about travel and health. Your responses help determine if there is any reason that might disqualify you from donating, such as travel to some countries or certain medical conditions. They will also take your temperature and pulse, and take a drop of blood from your finger to determine the hematocrit level in your blood.

Contact Us

If you have questions about your eligibility to donate blood please contact us.



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