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Am I eligible to donate blood?
What should I expect at a blood drive?
Where can I donate?
New Appointment System
What are Double Red donations?
What is Apheresis?
How often can I donate?
What is the best donation procedure for me?

New Appointment System

'We Respect Your Time'

All blood is precious and our hospital patients need your pint of blood just as much as ever. In an effort to make the blood donation process more efficient and thereby get you on your way more quickly, we have implemented a new appointment management system to determine in what order donors are accepted into the donation process. This change was made in order to better honor the time commitments of those who make appointments. We will systematically take Walk-In donors between those donors with Appointments. We will always work to move all of you through the donation process as fast as we can!

Below are the guidelines for our new system. In a few days, you may be asked to participate in a random survey to obtain feedback on the new appointment management system. Thank you so much for coming today. You really are making a difference to hospital patients who need life-saving blood!

Donors with Appointments

Walk In Donors

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