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Volunteers are the heart and soul of the American Red Cross Blood Services.

Throughout Connecticut, countless volunteers are hard at work making miracles happen. Some volunteers have been involved since the blood program started fifty-plus years ago. Others have just begun their odyssey at a high school or college blood drive. Who knows whether they, too, might still be helping to keep blood supplies safe half a decade from now.

Blood donors are volunteers. They receive no compensation for taking time out of their busy days to give the gift of life.

Some people help by chairing blood drives in their community, school, church or workplace. Organizers by nature, they literally put together all the pieces needed to make a successful drive.

Others feel more comfortable in doing day-to-day activities, such as putting up posters, typing and photocopying, or making phone calls.

Are you goal-oriented? Many people find a great sense of satisfaction by finding and approaching businesses for in-kind donations.

For those who like working with people one-on-one, working right at the blood drive might be to your liking. Volunteers are needed to register donors, serve after-donation refreshments and help out in other ways, both at our donor centers and at bloodmobiles.

Every organization needs great leaders. In the American Red Cross, leadership is a combination of staff and volunteers. Our Board of Directors is comprised of key people from various walks of life who provide guidance and direction. They bring with them a wide array of experience and a good sense of community, helping Red Cross Blood Services to accomplish its goals for the entire region while preserving the local flavor of each location.

No matter what your talents and interests may be, chances are there's a volunteer opportunity for you with us. We invite you to find your local chapter and join the team!

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