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What are Double Red Donations?

The Connecticut Blood Services Region offers a procedure using the latest in technology, the Double Red Cell Program.

Double Your Donation

Imagine being able to double your contribution for just a little more investment in time. That's what the Double Red Cell Program is all about. Through the latest in automated technology, the American Red Cross has the ability to collect two units of red blood cells from a single donor who meets all eligibility requirements. This differs from a whole blood donation, which collects one unit of red cells, along with platelets and plasma.

Minimum Requirements

For men, a donor must weigh at least 150 pounds and be at least 5'1" tall. For women, a donor must weigh at least 175 pounds and be at least 5'5" tall.

In addition, the Red Cross often has shortages of certain types of red blood cells, especially type O and type B. Double Red Cell collections allow us to get two red blood cells from an O or B donor, greatly increasing our ability to supply hospital and patient needs for these types. As a result, the Connecticut Region now requires that Double Red Cell donors have an O or B blood type. In areas where the donor population is limited, this technology allows us to maximize the impact of donations made.

Why Should I Donate Blood this Way?

Benefits for Donors

There are many advantages to the Double Red Cell collection program, both for the donor and for the patient. While a Double Red Cell donor should plan to spend approximately 10-15 additional minutes at the blood drive, the waiting period between donations is 16 weeks, rather than 8 weeks for a regular donation. This makes the Double Red Cell Program ideal for donors who cannot routinely give blood every eight weeks, but like to give blood once or twice a year. This makes the Double Red Cell Program ideal for donors who cannot routinely give blood every eight weeks. Donors can give the same number of blood products with only half the number of trips to a blood drive.

Benefits for Patients

Patients also benefit from a Double Red Cell product by receiving two units from the same donor, resulting in fewer transfusion risks.

Available at Selected Donor Centers and Bloodmobiles

We invite you to call 1-800-GIVE LIFE if you are interested in participating in our Double Red Cell Program. Be sure to ask which Red Cross blood drives will have the capability to do Double Red Cell donations.

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